Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Senior Spotlight: Danielle Quinton

We will be starting a new part of our blog. We will be having a few juniors and seniors on the blog answering a few questions. 

Our first senior spotlight is Danielle Quinton. 

What is one thing you want juniors to know about senior year?
Continue to work hard! The fall semester is a little easier that what you're used to, but don't get lazy because the winter semester is a challenge. 

What is some advice you have for any student in the dietetics program?
Try not to procrastinate! Taking even 30 minutes to start on an assignment that isn't due for a couple of weeks will save you a lot of time in the end. 

What are dietetic internship interviews like? How should I prepare? 
When you interview, you will usually meet with a professor and an intern. Do your best to answer the questions and be sure to dress appropriately. Don't be afraid, it's fun to talk to the professors about something you're both passionate about!

Where do you want to work? What is your long term goal with dietetics? 
When I become a dietitian, I want to work in a school food-service organization because of the opportunity to make creative menus and the upbeat environment a school provides. 

What was your favorite project/assignment? 
My favorite assignment was making diabetic meal plans. For this assignment, we were instructed to write diabetic patterns for various diets. Our patterns had to be within 25 kcal of the goal and contain at least 25% kcals from fat. After completing this assignment, we had to follow one of the diets for three days. I chose to follow the 1800 kcal diet. This assignment taught me the importance of balancing carbohydrates in type II diabetes and how difficult it is to follow a specific diet. 

Who is your favorite professor? 
My favorite professor is Dr. Richards because she is always happy, knows what she's talking about, and grades fairly. 

Thanks Danielle!

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