Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Senior Spotlight: Whitney Stevens

Senior Spotlight: Whitney Stevens

What is one thing you want juniors to know about senior year?
It stretches you in ways you didn’t know you could stretch.
What is some advice you for any student in the dietetics program? 
Don’t give up!
What is some advice with applying to internships?
Play to your strengths.
What are interviews like? How should I prepare?  
If I said they are the greatest, I would be lying. Just be yourself. Interviewers want to know you, not an ideal resume.
What has been your favorite part of the dietetics program? 
Going into the community and working with people.
What is something you have learned throughout the entire program?
Food is life.
Where do you want to work? What is your long term goal with dietetics? 
Ahhhhhhh I don’t even know. But my dream job is to have my own restaurant.
What is your favorite memory from the dietetics program? 
Late nights in the lab.
What was your favorite project/assignment?
Junior year, designing a kitchen and planning the grand opening.
Who was your favorite professor? 
I couldn’t pick one. They all have such different personalities and are great to talk to. But I've gotta say, I am a Fullmer fan.

Thanks Whitney!

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